Hen Night Party Favour Ideas
Hens night party favours are not really a commonly talked about subject, as it is usually left till the last minute. The focus is more on the games, the food, the drinks and the gifts to give the bride herself. However, party favours are definitely a nice touch to the hens night, and are a great way to make the night memorable for the other guests. Hen party favours are a small token gesture to say ‘thank you for coming’. Finding the perfect party favours for a hens night is no easy task. The decision is usually made by the bride herself, however, as in all things, the maid of honour must help the bride make that decision. A truly thoughtful and memorable party favour bag should contain gifts that are age appropriate, classy and something with a bit of a personal touch. It is also a clever idea to slightly tweak individual bags to include one item that you know will delight the receiver. This is, however, only a scalable idea if the guest party is a small and more intimate one. Rummaging through hens night accessories in a good wedding and hens night goodies shop could help you find the best party favours. Make the goody bag fun and cheerful by adding party favours that are both personalised and have an element of novelty to them. Here are a few ideas on what could go into your hens night party favour bags:
  1. Chocolate: this is a definite crowd-pleaser, because who doesn’t love chocolate! Try to get customised chocolate bars at a high quality confectioner, and include a personalised message in the box. Dress it up with pretty ribbons that go with the colour theme of the hens night party, and you’re done. To wrap up the hens night activities you and your friends could bust out a box of chocolates towards the end of the night, to go with a chilled glass of champagne!
  2. Beauty products: makeup items are something that no woman would turn down, and these would make a perfect hens night party favour. Pick out a good assortment of makeup products that would suit any skin tone – neutral colours work best.
  3. Novelty items: you could also do a combination of chocolates, beauty products and a few novelty items thrown in. These could include a stick-on moustache, or mini shot glasses, even some hens night accessories like sashes, tiaras and so on. These could add to the fun of the evening, and your friends would be delighted to sport them throughout the party.