Get Ready for the Flapper Style Hens Party
The 1920’s is marked as a time when women began to come out of cocoons and started to embrace a more social life. The 1920’s look is also called the flapper style and is a fantastic hens party theme for those who love to go vintage! Here are some interesting tips to make your flapper theme party look colourful and complete.

Go pink

Pink is an attractive colour choice for the flapper theme. While some would recommend the more classic black and white, the pink simply adds more flavour to the crazy night.

Focus on your look

Short dresses, flapper headbands, long pearl chains are some of the must-haves for a flapper theme hens night. For the makeup, try dark shades of lip colour, bold smoky eyes and get the typical flapper bob hair-do for a more chic look. Women from the flapper era wore heavy makeup and adorned a glitter too. Go strong on the makeup and do not hesitate to flaunt your legs. Finally, buy the black hens night sashes made of satin to best complement the pink in the attire and décor.

Invest in the right accessories

Perform a thorough research about the different hens night accessories that can blend with the flapper theme. The theme does not stop you from adding some naughty games and accessories and therefore you can feel free to experiment with as many as options as you can. Unique is always appreciated and the flapper style theme lets you think out of the box and have some great vintage fun!