Easy Ideas for a Spooky Halloween Hens Night
The hens night is exciting, fun and very special to every bride. If you are a bridesmaid looking for some unique hens party themes, why not try the Halloween party style? Read on to get some great ideas to get ready for a spooky night of unadulterated fun.

Get the Halloween look right

Black is the best colour choice for a Halloween hens night. Buy black dresses, tiaras and hens party sashes for an apt and serious look. You may add a tinge of glitter or bright shades like pink for a touch of distinction. In addition to the usual costume, you may carry a magic wand or try some scary facial marks like a misplaced mole (remember the Harry Potter forehead sign!).

Choose the right venue

A less-restrictive venue may be a good choice for a Halloween hens party. The home of the bride or the bridesmaid, a farmhouse or a more open space allows the guests to play some spooky hens games and thus have better fun. In short, the venue some allow the guests to create their own fun style of scaring others and bringing in the Halloween feel.

Experiment with food and cocktails

Did you know that you can make a brain cocktail by mixing some Irish cream on top any clear drink and creating a curdling effect (you may add some red grenadine for the complete spooky look)? There are plenty of ways to make food and drinks look ghastly, taste wonderful and stand true to the theme.