Celebrating a Mature Marriage with These Hens’ Party Destinations
When people reach a certain age, they may no longer care for wild celebrations no matter how important the occasion. An older woman may not feel comfortable going to a nightclub or a male strip club to celebrate her impending marriage. Here are more sedate hens party ideas for celebrating a marriage with friends. Take Wine Tours If the bride-to-be enjoys drinking wine, consider planning a wine tour in Hunter Valley for her wedding party. They can stay in a vineyard and take a wine tour bus to try local vintages and the food grown in the area. At night, they can have massages or relax in a hot tub with a bottle of wine from one of the wineries that they visited. Visit a Casino Taking chances at the roulette wheel or on the slot machines is some people’s idea of fun. The table games and gaming machines can take the place of a wild night out for women who want to go out for the night instead of staying in. Many casinos are located within luxury hotels such as those in Cairns, Perth, or Sydney so you can book rooms at the hotel and stay up all night gambling with friends. Take a Holiday Instead of the usual one-night celebration, escape to another country for a weekend with the bridal party. Book a villa on a beach in Bali for privacy and try some fun hens’ party ideas at night from our site. Along with the bridal party, invite the mother and the mother of the groom along to enjoy an escape from the pressures of planning the wedding and reception. Schedule a Spa Day The day before the wedding, schedule a spa day for the bride, her party, and the mothers of the couple so they can relax and get makeovers to look their best for the next day. After the spa treatments, go back to someone’s house to play hens party games and order take-away so no one needs to cook. With careful planning, you can help plan a hens’ party for the bride that’s more in keeping with her taste.