Are You Having a Hens' Party? Here Are Some Ideas!
If you are having a hens' party, you are going to need some accessories to add to the theme. For example, you may want to provide the girls with light-up diamond rings and sashes. A black sash can be worn by the bride-to-be and pink sashes can be dispensed to other ladies in the wedding party. A black bridal hens' night tiara will also add to the festivities. Some Suggested Games When it comes to hens night games, you can choose such favourites as hens' night scratch card games and a “pin the macho on the man” game. The pecker hoopla game, a kind of ring-toss activity, is popular, as is the scavenger dare list. Can You Meet the Following Challenges? You will have your bravery tested (at the laughs of others) when you play any of the hens' night games. For example, participants who take part in the activities on the scavenger dare list must take on such challenges as the following:
  • Making a bridal veil out of toilet paper and wearing it in public.
  • Asking the bartender for a free drink.
  • Writing your phone number on the men’s room wall of a pub.
Parting and Party Gifts Needless to say, hens' nights can lead to some crazy and fun exploits. If you are holding a party, you no doubt will want to include some mementoes for your guests as well. Some of the novelties might include pecker-shaped lipsticks, a pecker pen, or hens' night temporary tattoos. Some of these products are ideal gifts when you are playing hens' games too and will provide hours of fun. If you are in for a rip-roaring good time then, you may also want to provide your guests with a hens' night items like a pink cowgirl gun and holster set. You can add this accessory to a gift bag or give it out as a prize for any hens' games that are won. Another one of the hens night ideas that gets the party started is hens' party zone caution tape. This pink and white tape that features a black band which reads “Caution—Party Zone” is one crowd pleaser that draws people in rather than keeps them away from the festivities. Place it an area in a pub and let the party begin. All the items mentioned here can be found on our site!