4 Fun Hens Party Games that Guarantee Absolute Fun
Hens party is all about games, fun, and laughter. When there’s a mixed group of bride’s friends, it could be hard to get the conversation going. However, these 4 hens night games will be total ice breakers that will get your guests come together, bond, and have a great time.

Banned Words:

Create a certain list of words that are usually used in our daily lives. Some examples include wedding, bathroom, drinks, food. Ban these words and instruct the participants not to speak any of them. Anyone using such banned words will be out of the game.

Most Likely To:

This hens night game is the perfect icebreaker for those meeting for the first time. A group will sit in a circle, with the player holding the drink asking one ‘most likely’ question. On the count of 3, everyone will point towards someone who they think will most likely perform the mentioned task. For every finger pointed, a sip must be taken.


The Roxanne drinking game is quite a popular bachelorette party activity. Make sure everyone has a drink in front and play the song Roxanne. Every time the word ‘Roxanne’ is mentioned, take a drink.

Keep a Straight Face:

All the guests will have to write down a word or a sentence, all of which that begins with “I am” or “I will”. The more hilarious it sounds, the better. Put these in a bowl and make everyone pick one at random. Make them read it out loud with a straight face. Any sign of a smile or laugh, and they lose. These simple and popular hens party activities are sure to give you loads of fun and laughter. Make sure that your guests are comfortable with the games you are about to play. Enjoy!