How to Organise a Scavenger Hunt for the Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a night one would never forget. There are plenty of ideas, themes, and simple hens party games that one could choose from to make the night extra special, but why not take it up a notch? Go wild with scavenger hunt! Here’s how to organise this awesome activity.

Scavenger Hunt:

This game involves a list of clues that has to be followed one after the other until you reach a prize. A few hens night supplies must be arranged for the game, with the final prize being something grand and worth winning for. A group of people will be ‘hunting’ for clues or items, which will lead them to find the prize and complete the quest.

Who Should Play?

For the bachelorette party, having the bride-to-be as the player for the game is a good idea. It could also be a group activity if you prefer that way. Another option is to give the bridesmaids a list of items to collect and have the bride decide the winner.


Always consider the location for hens party games. If the players are having a hard time locating the items in the area you are playing in, the game would be a bust. The items hidden should not be too difficult to find.

Create a List:

Decide what items are to be included in the hunt. Maybe you could incorporate drinks and cocktails that the bride would like, or you could choose fun hens party accessories. Regardless of the items, they must be something that the bride should be able to enjoy. Once everything is planned, think about the ultimate prize. This has to be creative and must be extra special for the bride and the entire guests to enjoy. So, start planning one of the most exciting hens night activities for a fun night together!