When it comes to arranging bachelorette parties, the task usually falls to the maid of honour and other Bridesmaids. Right from the food, entertainment and fun games, they have to decide on everything for the big night. No two brides will be the same, so try to have a completely unique type of bash that incorporates a personal twist for the best results. •    Activities you can Plan The most significant thing about the fun activities you plan, is that you should do so weeks in advance. You will need the time to prepare and gather accessories and decorations needed to play hens games. Also, the number of ladies attending the hens night is sure to make a difference, so bear in mind that you need to stock enough tiaras, sashes, prizes and gift bags for the soiree. Select a number of team activities, as you want the ladies to get to know each other, so they can bond. •    Punishments and Rewards In the course of the games, you need to involve punishments and rewards for losing at an activity or guessing a wrong answer. These could be shots of tequila or vodka or a list of raunchy dares that are fun to watch and participate in. Source nice and naughty bachelorette party supplies for the event, as they always go down well. Creating lovely keepsakes from the supplies sourced can add a unique element that will make the Hen and her friends remember your efforts for a long time. Such novelties make the perfect presents from the hen to all of the attendees as well.