Hens Party Ideas

Looking for budget-friendly ways to make your hens night special? Here we’ve listed cheap hens party games and ideas that can make your hens night one to remember.

Buy Hens Party Supplies Online

Rather than buying expensive hens night supplies from physical stores, choose to purchase them online. You can find high-quality decorative balloons and other hens party supplies at affordable rates. They come in basic colours that complement your hens night theme.

Track Your Spending

Track all your spending in a spreadsheet when you are planning a hens party on a budget. Documenting everything is crucial and allows you to factor in costs towards hens party products, games, transport, and more. This helps you to cover any drop-outs, and you will not end up out of pocket.

Plan Low-cost Activities

Playing hens party games, taking photos, and having fun catching up are some of the cheap hens party activities that can help you save more money. Here we have a few suggestions of low-cost ideas to throw a hens party on a budget.

  • Pecker Hens Party Photo Props
  • Wedding absurd comparisons
  • Team bride truth or dare
  • Bridal Shower Game What’s in Your Purse
  • Beer Card Party Game

Buy a Group Gift

Most guests plan to give a gift at the wedding, so plan to buy a group gift for the hens party. Some of the gifts for your bride at a hens party can be a gown, flip flops, spa voucher, hens party memory book, hens night supplies, and more.