Old School Hens Night
There are particular elements that make a hens night successful. The three simple rules are: one, be sure you know the bride very well and the kind of party she would like. Two, remember that the objective of the hens party is to get all her close friends together so you can celebrate your bride. Three, have fun!  It is important to know that each single bride is distinct.  Some prefer a night on the town, others a day in the spa, while others look forward to an old school party. A sleepover is one of those old school things that everyone looks forward to.  In order to plan the perfect one you need to put these things together:
  • Start by finding the house where you will have the sleep over. It needs to be big enough for bridal shower games. Also, make sure that the owner is comfortable with you having hens night accessories, that may be of an adult nature.
  • Be sure to have plenty of food and sweet treats for your guests to enjoy. You may consider having dinner together and then letting the evening run into the night.  Be sure that your hens night sashes are on and other bachelorette party supplies are ready.
  • Have plenty of drinks. These can be both non-alcoholic and alcoholic depending on the kind of party you are having, the bride and the attendees.
  • Plan for fun – You can purchase cheap hens night games that will have you all roar with laughter.
A great party doesn’t need to cost much to be fun and this old school theme is a classic that works well.