How to Organise A Hens Night for Your Best Friend
What men get up to on their buck’s night tends to grab the headlines, but the ladies can certainly get up to plenty if left to their own devices! If you’re in the position of actually organising a hens night for your best friend, it can be as wild or as tame as you like. There are really no rules other than to have a good time and create long-lasting memories as girlfriends together. That being said, it’s not uncommon to struggle to think of hens night ideas, but a little advice on the topic can go a long way!

Ideas for a Hens Night to Remember

It can be a lot of pressure to organise a memorable hens night, but it is best not to panic. With a little thought and common sense, planning a memorable night is not that hard. Here are some ideas:
  • Atmosphere: The kinds of activities you organise will need to appeal to your friend. Ask yourself these questions: would she appreciate a mischievous themed party with naughty party favours and raunchy games? Or is she more of a stay-at-home girl who would really prefer to hang out with close friends at a bar somewhere and chat? Just remember, if she’s up for some naughtiness, then you’ll need some appropriate bachelorette party supplies!
  • Friends: It’s also important that the right friends are invited to the party. Unless your friend has specifically invited her own friends, you’ll need to organise this aspect too. Just make sure that you invite her best friends, and that everyone invited will get along. The last thing you want to do is to unknowingly invite two girls who don’t get on which will create and awkward atmosphere.

Recording Memories

Whatever you organise and whatever you get up to, it’s important to record it for posterity. Mugshot photo games available at can make it a night to remember! Be sure to bring a camera with plenty of memory too, as this is going to be one of the most memorably nights your friend will ever have. Top Tip: A great gift for the bride-to-be is to select a few of the more “memorable” photos and have them printed out. You can give these too her at a later date for her to cherish for years to come.