<p>Also known as bachelorette parties, hens nights are usually a unique opportunity for the bride to enjoy a few hours of bonding with her girlfriends and will take on various forms depending on the interests of the individuals involved. Organising a successful hens night isn't of particular difficulty, a simple matter of accounting for the bride's idea of a good time and designing the invite list accordingly, some hens night ideas including the following:</p>
<li>The most common hens night themes have always taken advantage of the various bars and night clubs proliferating most major cities, many a hens nights known for using this singular opportunity to explore the latest venue with dinner and entertainment included</li>
<li>Equally common are the spa nights, these utilising a convenient masseuse, cosmeticians and a few glasses of wine, this situation usually purposed to allow those involved to have intimate talks with the bride about her big day, offering pieces of advice where necessary alongside special wishes, interspersed with a few fun games.</li>
<li>Cocktail parties- These can be pretty inexpensive, usually themed to the bride's various interests and tastes, and are best organised and tended to by the bride's friends, allowing for a more intimate setting. It has become quite common to spice up cocktail parties with the presence of a psychic and some fun games about the future and the conversations that usually result. Cocktail parties are a great bonding tool even while providing entertainment to the guests.</li>
<li>The Vineyard is a great place to spend a weekend with a few friends, this setting not only quiet but relaxing, allowing for fun and meaningful conversation to occur complemented by nice drinks and beautiful scenery.</li>
<li>Dinner at a chef's table is one of those very expensive experiences, but one that is worth investing in especially for a fun hens night, availing delicious foods with great service and a unique atmosphere within which to enjoy some interesting talks and great girl company.</li>
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