Fun Hens Night Games for Home or on the Go
If you’re planning a hens party to celebrate a bride’s impending nuptials, then you need to choose fun activities. After all, what party or shower is complete without a few silly games? Some of the games should be played at home since they can be a bit naughty, but others you can take out on the town for a memorable evening.

Indoor Games

Some of the hens night games you should play at home, include the Risqué Tower Hens Party Game that is both a puzzle and a game of truth or dare. When someone pulls out one of the tower’s pieces, there is a question on it that they can answer or they can choose to do a dare. Another game you could play is the Bride to Be Secrets Reveal Card Game that involves asking the bride questions and having the partygoers answer them to see how well they know her. Since these games are bound to lead to hysterical laughter, its better they are played in private.

Games on the Go

When you step out for the evening, that doesn’t mean you need to leave the games at home. There are several cheap hens night games that can be played with your bridal party at pubs or nightclubs. Most of the games to be played in public involve dares, so get ready to meet strangers, drink excessively, and watch your friends make fools of themselves by performing silly dares. If you'll be drinking, be sure to choose a designated driver when playing these games out in public.