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  • Tips to Keep Your Guests Entertained at a Hens Party

    When you are planning a hens party, you must find some entertaining things to do. Whether the party is an evening out or organised in someone’s home or a venue, you need things to keep everyone entertained for several hours. Here is a list of fun games you need to keep everyone entertained for several hours.

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  • 4 Awesome Activities and Ideas for Hens Party

    Planning a hens party, especially when you have never done it before, could be daunting. You’d want to pick the best hens night activities to make it as appealing as possible to your guests. To help you get started, here’s a list of some of the popular hens party games and activities you could consider: Continue reading

  • Rest-and Relaxation themed Hens Party Ideas

    Wedding planning can be a seriously strenuous responsibility. Finding the perfect dress, buying the rings, booking the perfect hotel, flying in all the important guests, hair, makeup, food, the cake!! That has to be too much stress for the bride. No wonder some of them turn into bridezillas! You are her bestie and have the important duty of planning the perfect hen night party for the bride-to-be. Do you really want to take on a series of nerve-wracking activities that are just going to drain her out before her big day? Or… would you want to give her a perfect day of rest and relaxation, so she can calm herself, and be positively glowing on her special day? Yes, an R&R-themed hens party could be just the thing the bride-to-be could do with, especially with the right hens night supplies. And the other guests would definitely have no complaints. Continue reading

  • Fascinating Elements that your Hen’s Party Just Can’t Do Without

    Bachelorette parties can be difficult to plan when you’re throwing a surprise bash for the bride. These soirees turn out to be tame affairs if they aren’t properly planned with a lot of forethought. The truth is that hen’s parties can be transformed from a quiet get-together with the ladies to a fabulous evening by incorporating just a few fun novelty goodies.

    1.    Willy Shaped Edibles to Nibble

    Whether you prefer opting for rainbow coloured lollies shaped like a willy or going for a willy shaped cookie mould; the options are endless. Brides who love cakes can do with some delightful cake sprinkles of several colours and shapes. These can be tossed all over an erotic cake to add to the fun.

    2.    Bride-to-be Tiaras and Sashes

    Bachelorette party supplies like tiaras, bridal party sashes and veils make a pretty addition to your hens party. You can have most imprinted with bride-to-be for a wonderful effect and have the rest of the bridal party sport it with a sash that states their own role.

    3.    Pretty in Pink Bride Sunglasses

    People source their supplies from a hens night shop in Melbourne to make their bash that much glamorous with lots of awesome surprises. You can incorporate Bride-to-be sunglasses for a fantastic beach party or an afternoon lunch. This way, the soon-to-be bride is sure to get a lot of attention and maybe even a few discounts wherever your party goes.

    These goodies allow you spice up the vibe of the night and take it to a whole new level without having to go the conventional route with male strippers (if that’s too wild for your girls!).

  • Unique Thrills your Bachelorette Certainly Must Have

    Every bride-to-be wants her last night as a single lady to be one that she deems perfect. Bridesmaids and the maid of honour are ones entrusted with the task of ensuring that it is a night filled with unique thrills and excitements to add to the fun. Read on to know about some fun elements you can incorporate in your party to make it unforgettable.

    •    Willy Shot Glasses for a Wild Drinking Game

    Willy shot glasses are wonderful as a fun surprise. You can serve jello shots or even tequila with a slice of lemon for a wild night of drinking. They can be used by all the women during party games to add to the fun.

    •    Stress Toys to De-stress and Pamper the Bride-to-be

    The party is after all thrown for the bride-to-be, so make sure you pamper her to the hilt by offering gifts and helping her loosen up. Hens night products like sperm and bride doll stress toys can help her relax before her big day.

    •    Pecker Shaped Lipstick for a Sultry Swag

    All of your invitees can go home with a pecker shaped lipstick that they can remember the fabulous evening by. These are special hens party products that are available in lots of colours and shades so that ladies can pick out their favourite lipstick. Leave the women with a sweet smile as they use your personalised swag back home.

    These fun elements pack a powerful punch for they make the evening a very special one for the bride and all of her friends.

  • Party Supplies you need for a Marvellous Bridal Shower

    If you have the honour of throwing a bridal shower for your friend or sibling who is about to be married you must make it a marvellous event. Here are some of the supplies you need to make the bridal shower a roaring success.

    •    Fun novelty Treats

    There are a wide variety pecker shaped moulds that you could use to make cakes or chocolate filled goodies. These make excellent snacks for the soiree that all the attending ladies will adore. What is more is that sourcing cheap hens night supplies is quite practical. They do not cost you a great deal of money, making it ideal for people who are struggling with an extensive guest list.

    •    Mood Lighting

    Instead of lighting up the place with bright lights, you can choose to opt for mood lighting. Scented candles, willy shaped candles or a dimly lit chandelier will offer you a lovely ambiance where you can relax comfortably can enjoy the fun feel of the party.

    •    Glittering Decorations

    You need to beautify the venue by opting for something special including hens night banners and confetti. Think big, purchase Bride to be specific decorations. You can utilise the popular concept of centrepieces at wedding receptions or dinners and incorporate Cinderella slippers as table decorations with a fairy-tale twist.

    These hens night ideas can result in a fabulous bash that your guests as well as the bride-to-be are sure to enjoy thoroughly.

  • Essentials of a Demure and Sophisticated Bridal Shower

    Every bride is sure to be different with her own perception of the perfect bridal shower. Older brides may prefer a demure and sophisticated bash with a few fun games rather than a wild night with strippers and vodka. Take a peek at the essentials of a stylish bachelorette party for a reserved bride.

    •    Kinky Crockery and Cutlery

    Instead of using the same old crockery and cutlery like a regular dinner party; you have the creative freedom of doing something special. You can use peckers trays to serve sushi or canapés with pecker knives and forks to match.

    •    Naughty Desserts

    When you’re thinking of innovative hens party ideas; specialty food instead of the same old party buffet with fun naughty desserts would be perfect. You can choose wiener shaped jelly moulds for a sweet yet kinky dessert that is sure to bring up peals of laughter from all of the ladies. Other options include chocolate dipped whole bananas and pecker shaped cookies made from pecker shaped cookie cutters.

    •    Drinking Games

    If you wish to have sophisticated bash, some champagne in tall delicate glassware is in order. It is an excellent option as opposed to vodka; however, you can drum up a fun drinking game with flavoured champagne or a game of truth or dare with shots of tequila as punishment.

    These games bring out the naughty side of guests allowing the bride to see another side to her invitees. They certainly bring in a fun element that everyone attending the bachelorette enjoys.

  • Organising an Unusual Bridal Shower for your Engaged Friend

    In case you have a friend who has been recently engaged, you might be roped in for planning the bridal shower. Doing this requires a lot of research on your part and great attention to detail so that you can handle every aspect of the event with ease. Right from managing invites to being diplomatic about whom not to invite. You need to stay on top of things all the time.

    Must-Haves for a Stellar Event

    1.    Planning the perfect bash is not an easy task as every hen wants her bash to be extraordinary. You can make this happen with hens party ideas and activities that will make the soiree different, but there are some classic touches that you must not forget.

    2.    Incorporate a wide variety of food at the event so the ladies have something to munch on as they shower the bride-to-be with warm wishes. Using the hen’s favourite caterer can be a nice touch also, a chocolate fountain that she can dip edible garments in.

    3.    The bridal shower will be incomplete without fun party games that reveal secrets and let the ladies share a laugh or two together.

    4.    You can have some male dancers come over to dazzle the ladies and show the bride what she will soon be missing or don’t forget the all-time favourite hens party game Pin the Macho on the Man!

    Follow the above instructions and you will be on your way to creating a special hen celebration for your best friend. After such an extraordinary celebration, everyone invited will be all praises for you and in awe of your planning ability!

  • Shop Our Huge Hens Party Sale

    If you’re having a hens night, you need supplies. You can’t have the kind of fun you want to have on a hens night without the little themed extras that are designed for the bride to be and her friends. From party supplies like cups and plates, to dress up and novelties, we can get you ready for the best night of your life.

    Hens parties can get expensive, and with a wedding coming up you don’t need to spend any extra money. That’s why we’re so happy to tell you about our bachelorette party sale. By shopping with us you can have a cheap hens night that is still full of fun.

    We have cheap hens party supplies available for you. We can help you set up your house with hens night themed plates and cups and willy straws and even molds that allow you to make willy themed food for your hens party. If you want it for your hens night, we almost certainly sell it and it’s probably on sale.

    We have decorations for you, from confetti to balloons to candles. We can set you up with hen-themed decorations, literally hen shaped, or if you’re feeling a little more saucy we can set you up with willy shaped candles and confetti. No matter what kind of hen night you’re having, you can decorate for it with us.

    If you want to dress up and go out, we have a wide variety of tiaras and sashes to choose from. Let everyone know who the bride to be is and make your night a night to remember. Everyone knows that going out dressed up for your hens night helps others know you’re celebrating and leads to bigger, more fun celebrations.

    Shop our willy world section to find a range of willy themed novelties. We can provide you with willy bubble necklaces, water guns, candies, and virtually anything else you can think of. With our supplies you can have a cheap hens night with all the fun and naughty choices you could want.

    We have party games for your hens night party fun. The key to any hens party, even a cheap hens party, is the games that you play. With our games, you can get playing cards and even a willy piñata for your party. Don’t limit your hens night fun, get some party games to keep your friends entertained.

    Our bachelorette party sale is the best way for you to get all your hens night supplies at a great price. We are the primary web retailer for hens night supplies in Australia and we can offer you the best things for your hen party at the best possible price.

  • Hens Parties Are Great For Brides & Buddies


    Do you have your best friend’s wedding coming up and you are looking for something to make her last spinster days all the more memorable? Well, a hens party would be a brilliant idea as such fiestas are adored both by the bride-to-be and her buddies. Also known as bachelorette parties, these occasions are more of like a tradition now since the sexual revolution during 1960s. But why are these parties so popular for the brides today?

    Now, first of all, the bachelorette parties are organised in honour of the bride-to-be to make her feel special as she is about to embark on a special journey of life. Marriage is a life-changing phenomenon and can be very stressful leading up to the big day. Hens parties are a great way to help her to loosen up, let her hair down and relax with her closest pals.  It leads to a refreshed mind so that she is better prepared to confidently walk up to the alter.

    Moreover, hens parties are the occasions where the girls share amazing marriage tips and suggestions with the bride to help her in safeguarding her future conjugal days. Eat, drink, play & be merry- these are 4 watchwords of bachelorette parties where the bride and other participating women let go off their usual restrictions to enjoy womanhood in full swing. There are lots of great Hens Night Supplies to make the occasion all the more memorable. You can get both naughty & nice decorative aides, gifts & games especially designed for these parties.

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