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  • Fascinating Elements that your Hen’s Party Just Can’t Do Without

    Bachelorette parties can be difficult to plan when you’re throwing a surprise bash for the bride. These soirees turn out to be tame affairs if they aren’t properly planned with a lot of forethought. The truth is that hen’s parties can be transformed from a quiet get-together with the ladies to a fabulous evening by incorporating just a few fun novelty goodies.

    1.    Willy Shaped Edibles to Nibble

    Whether you prefer opting for rainbow coloured lollies shaped like a willy or going for a willy shaped cookie mould; the options are endless. Brides who love cakes can do with some delightful cake sprinkles of several colours and shapes. These can be tossed all over an erotic cake to add to the fun.

    2.    Bride-to-be Tiaras and Sashes

    Bachelorette party supplies like tiaras, bridal party sashes and veils make a pretty addition to your hens party. You can have most imprinted with bride-to-be for a wonderful effect and have the rest of the bridal party sport it with a sash that states their own role.

    3.    Pretty in Pink Bride Sunglasses

    People source their supplies from a hens night shop in Melbourne to make their bash that much glamorous with lots of awesome surprises. You can incorporate Bride-to-be sunglasses for a fantastic beach party or an afternoon lunch. This way, the soon-to-be bride is sure to get a lot of attention and maybe even a few discounts wherever your party goes.

    These goodies allow you spice up the vibe of the night and take it to a whole new level without having to go the conventional route with male strippers (if that’s too wild for your girls!).

  • Unique Thrills your Bachelorette Certainly Must Have

    Every bride-to-be wants her last night as a single lady to be one that she deems perfect. Bridesmaids and the maid of honour are ones entrusted with the task of ensuring that it is a night filled with unique thrills and excitements to add to the fun. Read on to know about some fun elements you can incorporate in your party to make it unforgettable.

    •    Willy Shot Glasses for a Wild Drinking Game

    Willy shot glasses are wonderful as a fun surprise. You can serve jello shots or even tequila with a slice of lemon for a wild night of drinking. They can be used by all the women during party games to add to the fun.

    •    Stress Toys to De-stress and Pamper the Bride-to-be

    The party is after all thrown for the bride-to-be, so make sure you pamper her to the hilt by offering gifts and helping her loosen up. Hens night products like sperm and bride doll stress toys can help her relax before her big day.

    •    Pecker Shaped Lipstick for a Sultry Swag

    All of your invitees can go home with a pecker shaped lipstick that they can remember the fabulous evening by. These are special hens party products that are available in lots of colours and shades so that ladies can pick out their favourite lipstick. Leave the women with a sweet smile as they use your personalised swag back home.

    These fun elements pack a powerful punch for they make the evening a very special one for the bride and all of her friends.

  • Party Supplies you need for a Marvellous Bridal Shower

    If you have the honour of throwing a bridal shower for your friend or sibling who is about to be married you must make it a marvellous event. Here are some of the supplies you need to make the bridal shower a roaring success.

    •    Fun novelty Treats

    There are a wide variety pecker shaped moulds that you could use to make cakes or chocolate filled goodies. These make excellent snacks for the soiree that all the attending ladies will adore. What is more is that sourcing cheap hens night supplies is quite practical. They do not cost you a great deal of money, making it ideal for people who are struggling with an extensive guest list.

    •    Mood Lighting

    Instead of lighting up the place with bright lights, you can choose to opt for mood lighting. Scented candles, willy shaped candles or a dimly lit chandelier will offer you a lovely ambiance where you can relax comfortably can enjoy the fun feel of the party.

    •    Glittering Decorations

    You need to beautify the venue by opting for something special including hens night banners and confetti. Think big, purchase Bride to be specific decorations. You can utilise the popular concept of centrepieces at wedding receptions or dinners and incorporate Cinderella slippers as table decorations with a fairy-tale twist.

    These hens night ideas can result in a fabulous bash that your guests as well as the bride-to-be are sure to enjoy thoroughly.

  • Throw an Impressive Hens Party for Your Best Friend

    If you happen to know the bride well, planning the hen do can be a piece of cake. However, make sure you are planning something that your friends will certainly enjoy, for it is a once in a lifetime event. Visiting a health resort for some pampering is quite the usual and nice, so try to go for normal and unique so your hen night activities are different to every other girls night out.

    Strict Rules for a Stunning Hens Party

    1.    The most important rule that stands true for all of these parties is that hubby-to-be cannot attend!

    2.    Make sure his mother or the bride’s mum is kept away if the bride doesn’t have a great relationship with her, as you want the hen to let loose and have a lot of fun, which may not be possible under supervision.

    3.    Talk to only the Hen herself when it is time to invite her close friends and depending on the number of ladies attending, you can then work out he cost of the event and hens night theme

    4.    Use Hens party products and games for a night of fun and frolic. You can include naughty novelties, sashes and veil and even pretty tiaras to add to the effect.

    5.    Small gifting will certainly surprise the bride-to-be as who doesn’t like getting presents?

    It is a good idea to try and wheedle the idea out of the bride-to-be, so you really know what she wants, be it an action packed adventure with male dancers or a vintage picnic in the gardens. It is your best friend’s bachelorette bash after all and you must certainly strive to make it special.

  • Activities to Manage Prior to, During and After a Bachelorette Bash

    A hens party event takes long hours, lots of creativity and an insight into the bride’s mind to organise. You as the maid of honour know that at the end of the day, it is all about an individualistic approach and special touches. Taking a systematic approach to planning will ensure that you have a set list of things to manage before, during and after the event.

    •    Before the D-day

    An itinerary can help you plan for the event with hens night ideas and you can then decide on the theme. It can be useful to set out and talk with the other bridesmaids; they might have some great ideas about what the hen might want to do which you may never have thought of.

    •    In the Course of the Do

    A cluster of women simply catching up or spending some quality time with the bride, while sampling champagne takes time. Aim at not charting in too much for the big get-together, as time always seems to fly by when you have too many things to do. The arranged decorations and most importantly bachelorette party games will make the night one she’ll always remember.

    •    Post Event Formalities

    Send thank you emails to the visitors for their presence, good spirit and contribution to the bridal shower. Arrange for gift bags full of keepsakes from the Hen to her friends so everyone can remember the magical event. Make sure that you have a lot of fun planning such a once in a lifetime event for the bride-to be.

  • Hen's Party Supplies Sydney

    That's right, girls get to have fun too. There is no doubt about it, over the years, the boys have had a lot more fun than the girls. It is time to play catch up and get things right. Whether it is a bachelorette party or just a night of fun, it is time for the hen's party of the decade. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is start on those supplies.

    For all of those hen's party supplies in Sydney, you have only one place to check and that is here. If you are going all out and making an entire night of the deal, then we are also you supplier for hen's night party supplies in Sydney. Our warehouse is right there in Sydney, which we chose to make it convenient to ship anywhere and everywhere that you need. That means that if the occasion is last minute or you have forgotten until the last minute to get your hen's night party supplies in Sydney, we are here to ship quickly and conveniently.

    Hen's party supplies in Sydney can be hard to put together at the last minute, but we are not going to take advantage of the lateness of the hour and shoot the prices through the roof. We know that you are in there for the fun and we will take care of you whether the party is next week or next year.

    There is no reason to pay some company to ship your supplies around the world when we are right here in your backyard. We know that you have more to do than to shop online for supplies and we want you to get to the fun part as quickly as possible. You never know, with the money that you save shopping with us, there just may be some extra cash for some real fun at the party.

    We will let you make the choices and we will take care of the hard part. Just let us know what it is you need and where you want it and we will take care of everything. Sit back and relax and let us put together and ship the supplies. There is nothing more tedious than shopping and there are so many more things that need to get done.

    Remember that we are here when and where you need us. We are online 24 hours a day and we are ready to start putting your order together as soon as you click that button. Join us at Hensnight shop and check out the largest supply list that you will ever see. We know that you cannot wait to get started and we feel the same way.

  • Why A Bride Should Have A Hens Party?

    Why A Bride Should Have A Hens Party?

    Bachelorette or Hens parties are growing popular across the world and planning such a party isn’t always easy. These parties are hosted to make a bride celebrate and be happy on her last days and night of freedom. Depending on what type of Hens Party you choose, it can prove costly or inexpensive for the bridesmaids and guests planning to throw a surprise on the bride. No matter what you go for a ladies night out would definitely be full of fun and exciting which no one wants to miss out!

    A few reasons why brides should have a girls night out are discussed right below.

    Pre wedding parties aren’t just for grooms:

    It is grooms that often celebrate with a Bucks, Bachelor or Stag party. What’s wrong if brides plan them? Anyway it is all about entertainment and fun and making sure the Bride is relaxed and happy. So, planning a hens party is never a bad idea and it helps a bride feel special and loved. Above all, the conducting of this kind of party has now become a custom in most countries and is a highlight leading up to the nuptials.

    Bridesmaids call and interest:

    Most often, the hens party is initiated, organised and managed by the bridesmaids and it takes days, even weeks of planning to accomplish the task. Foremost thing to consider is the amount to be collected and invested in arranging such a party and gathering. Talking with bride:

    Talking to the bride:

    Another crucial benefit associated with such kinds of fantastic parties with party ware, games, treats, dress ups, etc. is spending quality time with the bridesmaids and close family and friends. It is the ultimate aim of most guests especially the Bridesmaids as they can make the bride feel completely special and overwhelmed with their friendships. Besides, buying the popular games, novelties and bride to be gifts is never an issue today with now a dedicated online Hens Night Shop which offers great hens party products and ideas.

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