Tips to Pick Your Bride Tribe
A hens party is one of the most important events for a bride to be, and she wants to cherish the memory of it forever. From finding the right hens party supplies and accessories to choosing the right theme, everything plays a vital role in throwing the best hens party. Before you start doing the to-do list, make the tough choice of picking only a few of your friends as ‘bride tribe’ to stand alongside you when you say ‘I Do’ on your big day. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best people to have your back on the special day.

Right Reason

Don’t pick up a person because you’ve known them for a long time. Try to pick friends whom you trust and believe they will help you with your wedding arrangements. If there is anyone to whom you can go with a problem, big or small, and they can handle it efficiently, then they belong in your bride tribe.

Take Responsibilities

The friends you choose to be the part of your bride tribe must be willing to take responsibilities. They must take care of all your hens party needs and must help you in inviting your friends and families and choosing the right hens party accessories. They must leave you feel relaxed and help you stay in a positive frame of mind.

Willingness to Join

Picking friends to be included in a bride tribe is a huge honour and a sign of friendship. But, it is also a huge responsibility that not everyone can handle. There may be friends who might be married, have kids, or have demanding jobs, who cannot take time away from their several duties to get fully involved in your wedding preparations. It’s okay to leave them and choose friends who you know would be excited to get into the little details of planning your wedding and hens party.