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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • 3 Ways to Amp up the Style of your Upcoming Hens Night

    While in the medieval times, a hunting party and subsequent hearty dinner was the traditional way to celebrate a bachelor party; men today adopt a slightly more modern style by heading to strip clubs. Women too are not far behind, for although many prefer to elude the visit to x-rated clubs, they choose to hire male models clad as firemen or policemen for a private show. Continue reading

  • Hens Night Blunders you Must Avoid

    The tradition of bachelor and bachelorette celebrations has been one that has been cherished for decades. Men and women take this chance of a lifetime to indulge their sinful pleasures with an all access pass to off the charts fun. However, every bachelorette has to get back to her life as a fiancé or even be married the next day; which is why you must not commit these bachelorette bash mistakes. Continue reading

  • How to Make your Bachelorette Party Fun sans the Stripper

    Kudos to you if you’re getting married, but you do owe yourself one fabulous night as a single lady. To make your bachelorette bash as naughty and thrilling as possible, you can step away from the conventional norms and opt for a raunchy theme. If you want to make this night memorable sans the hassles of hiring a stripper, then you must partake in some sensational bridal shower games. Continue reading

  • Why a Bachelorette Bash Trumps a Bachelor’s Party

    If you thought a soon to-be-groom’s bachelor night was more fun than your own bridal shower, you couldn’t be more wrong. A man’s party is all about hanging out with the guys and usually frequenting the nearest strip club. Well ladies, you have a lot more to look forward to for your special evening. Take a look at why your bridal shower trumps the bachelor’s party. Continue reading

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