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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Hens Parties Are Great For Brides & Buddies


    Do you have your best friend’s wedding coming up and you are looking for something to make her last spinster days all the more memorable? Well, a hens party would be a brilliant idea as such fiestas are adored both by the bride-to-be and her buddies. Also known as bachelorette parties, these occasions are more of like a tradition now since the sexual revolution during 1960s. But why are these parties so popular for the brides today?

    Now, first of all, the bachelorette parties are organised in honour of the bride-to-be to make her feel special as she is about to embark on a special journey of life. Marriage is a life-changing phenomenon and can be very stressful leading up to the big day. Hens parties are a great way to help her to loosen up, let her hair down and relax with her closest pals.  It leads to a refreshed mind so that she is better prepared to confidently walk up to the alter.

    Moreover, hens parties are the occasions where the girls share amazing marriage tips and suggestions with the bride to help her in safeguarding her future conjugal days. Eat, drink, play & be merry- these are 4 watchwords of bachelorette parties where the bride and other participating women let go off their usual restrictions to enjoy womanhood in full swing. There are lots of great Hens Night Supplies to make the occasion all the more memorable. You can get both naughty & nice decorative aides, gifts & games especially designed for these parties.

  • Why A Bride Should Have A Hens Party?

    Why A Bride Should Have A Hens Party?

    Bachelorette or Hens parties are growing popular across the world and planning such a party isn’t always easy. These parties are hosted to make a bride celebrate and be happy on her last days and night of freedom. Depending on what type of Hens Party you choose, it can prove costly or inexpensive for the bridesmaids and guests planning to throw a surprise on the bride. No matter what you go for a ladies night out would definitely be full of fun and exciting which no one wants to miss out!

    A few reasons why brides should have a girls night out are discussed right below.

    Pre wedding parties aren’t just for grooms:

    It is grooms that often celebrate with a Bucks, Bachelor or Stag party. What’s wrong if brides plan them? Anyway it is all about entertainment and fun and making sure the Bride is relaxed and happy. So, planning a hens party is never a bad idea and it helps a bride feel special and loved. Above all, the conducting of this kind of party has now become a custom in most countries and is a highlight leading up to the nuptials.

    Bridesmaids call and interest:

    Most often, the hens party is initiated, organised and managed by the bridesmaids and it takes days, even weeks of planning to accomplish the task. Foremost thing to consider is the amount to be collected and invested in arranging such a party and gathering. Talking with bride:

    Talking to the bride:

    Another crucial benefit associated with such kinds of fantastic parties with party ware, games, treats, dress ups, etc. is spending quality time with the bridesmaids and close family and friends. It is the ultimate aim of most guests especially the Bridesmaids as they can make the bride feel completely special and overwhelmed with their friendships. Besides, buying the popular games, novelties and bride to be gifts is never an issue today with now a dedicated online Hens Night Shop which offers great hens party products and ideas.

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