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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Planning a Hens Party Soon?

    Do you have your bestie's wedding coming up with few days left for a hens party? Well, hens or bachelorette party ensures some of the best treasured moments both for the bride-to-be and her best buddies.

    Now, the question comes where to host the hens party? You can hit a plush karaoke bar here where all of you can have a great time amidst song, dance and booze. A gay-themed bar is another fantastic idea as you will find male strippers here. If you are planning something out-of-the box, a party around a bonfire would be excellent. Otherwise you can even have the hens night-out at any of your friend's home. There are hens party shops online from where you can order the hens party decorations in Australia.

    Added to the d├ęcor products, be sure to stack your party night with great gourmet and wine or liquor spread. The hens night party games are one of the pivotal features of any bachelorette party.

    Guess the gift-giver

    Everybody attending the bachelorette party has to bring a gift for the bride-to-be but later won't be notified about the gift-giver. The bride would be handed the gifts one by one and would be asked to name the gift-giver. If the bride is right, the gift-giver will have to take a sip but if the answer is wrong it's the bride who would be sipping.


    Another popular game idea is to test how well the bride knows her groom. Prepare a set of questions on the groom and get the answers beforehand. Then tally them with the bride's answers. On each wrong answer, the bride will be taking a sip.

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  • The Fun Element That Forms the Crux of a Hens party

    No party without games seems extremely dull and boring in today's era. To keep hens night party games hilarious you need to come up with innovative and fun ideas. Games in which everyone can mingle, blush and laugh can range from innocent ideas to deep down humiliating as all is fair in love and war (but make sure you know your Bride to Be well and what will go down well and what won't!).

    Question and Answer game of shots is a popular hens game idea where the groom is interviewed beforehand or videotaping is done prior to the event and at the party the girl is required to give the answer of the question asked. If the to-be bride answers it wrong then she is supposed to gulp down one shot at a time and the numbers keep on increasing. The game also acts as a memento for the to-be bride. All the childhood games can be reinvented with a twist to form hilarious games. For passing the parcel punishments can range from kissing an acquaintance to shouting it loud from the rooftop and in reward ticklers and funny lollies can be given. Another game of tailing the donkey can be twisted to form phallic symbols pinning on the male hunks picture which can be made saucy by the friends!

    Card games with pecker shaped playing cards, truth and dare with a bottle spin are some great hens night games ideas which will make the to-be bride blush as well as tickle her senses. One of our favourite all time hens night games and one of the most popular is to make the dream wedding dress for the bride using toilet paper, let the Bride to Be judge the winner and the winner takes home a novelty party prize.

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