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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Fun and Naughty Games to get your Hens Night Party in Full Swing

    Have you ever been entrusted to organise a memorable hens night for your best friend? Then you should make sure that you give the best night for her to cherish and remember since it's the bride to be's 'last fling before the ring.' Make the hens party ta roaring success with these funny and classy games suitable for all guests.

    Stick a Dick Hunk

    This is the grown up version of the old party game pin the tail on the donkey. It's also called 'pin the tail on the male' and the pack comes with a Willy shaped eye mask and 12 reusable Willy stickers. The game is played by simply covering the participant's eye with the mask, spin them around and then try to pin the dick on the dude. The Mother of the Bride will love this one!

    Hens Night Dares Scratch Card

    Who doesn't love a dare? This game makes a great accessory to any hens night or Bachelorette party. The scratch card has 12 scratch panels that reveal different dares for the bride to be or her guests to do when scratched. Dares are suitable for all guests and will guarantee laughs

    Pecker Hoopla Game

    With our pecker hoopla ring toss game one can be damn sure that every participant of the hens night will have a memorable party. This game rings up more laughs and don't forget to add more fun with awesome prizes like our pecker lipstick and Willy soap.

    Willy Bubbles

    Everyone loves bubbles and these pecker shaped bubble dispensers make the perfect gift that adds more fun to your bachelorette party. They come individually or in bulk lots of 10 so all guests can blow their own bubbles. These will be a party hit!

    Willy Water Gun

    Need extra fun for your hens night? Willy water pistols add more energy and excitement to any party! Make everyone crazy and wet by giving them a good soaking using these hilarious Willy guns.

    You can spice up the party with additional games like pin the cock on the jock, Willy playing cards, Hens night temporary tattoos, suck for a buck tee game and so on. These games not only add more energy but also make a perfect gift and momento for the bride to be :).

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